About Us

Control Systems is an international company based in the Rockford, Illinois area with experienced staff specializing in innovative measurement solutions for depth, weighing, and control systems for the mobile machine industry.
Control Systems’ personnel are professionals who pride themselves with many years experience of application-based systems that have proven respected and reliable, through networking with industry partners.
We work closely with our industry partners in providing solutions to meet the customer's application requirements, with the best ethical practices always of utmost priority. We treat our customers the way we ourselves like to be treated, and take your business personally.
Our solutions are provided through consultation with our customers and our partners, clear understanding of the customer’s needs, and the potential benefits to them. This is achieved by determining the appropriate hardware and software to fulfill the customer's individual requirements.
Our mission is to utilize the latest cutting-edge technology in order to gain maximum increase in efficiency and productivity through cost-effective resources, without sacrificing quality.
We have a select few industry leaders that we have chosen to represent based on their shared commitment to excellence in their products, and their equal resolve to maintain the highest ethical standards.
We are always interested in expanding our dealer network and partnering with those that share our values. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.
  • 3B6/Cobo Group LMI, RCI, RCL, and Weighing Systems & Components
  • TWG/Greer Company LMI, RCI, and RCL systems and components
  • Technical Training
  • Technical Support (Warranty and Post-Warranty Service)
    • In-House Lab Repair
    • Field Service
    • Telephone Service Support