3B6 & COBO Group

3B6 & COBO GroupManufacturers of Electronic Control Units, CANBUS Sensors, Touch screen displays, System Integrator
3B6, an Italian company, was established in 1981 to supply electronic controls for hydraulic transmissions. Branching into mobile machines, safety devices, and CAN-Bus linked systems, 3B6 became a leader on a global scale, focusing primarily on cranes and lifting equipment. They became well-known in the industry for their quality and performance.

In 2006, 3B6 was acquired by the Cobo Group, an Italian manufacturer of Mobile Machine components. The Cobo Group includes several companies, each specializing in developing and producing specific products for the off-highway vehicle market. Their main plant is in Italy, but there are also assembly plants in the U.S., China, and Australia.  The Cobo Group/3B6 Division maintains its headquarters in Italy, as well as locations in the US, Brazil, the UK, France, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Romania, Turkey, and South Africa, as well as a large dealer network spanning the globe.

Supported by years of dedicated research and development, state-of-the-art technology, quality assurance, easy-to-use design and progressive engineering, the 3B6 Division has remained a leader in the supply of global and integrated solutions for the off-highway market.

Versatility, reliability, accuracy, cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction goes into every product they offer.
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3B6 & COBO GroupWorldwide leaders in design, development and supply of global solutions and integrated systems to the off-highway vehicles market

COBO, present in the industrial vehicle markets and increasingly appreciated partner in the automotive industry, is a leader in the design and production of complete equipment and connectivity services for an integrated machine system.

Sustainability, Safety, Industry 4.0, Research and Development, IOT, Ergonomics, Tailoring are some of our success key points.

Easy-fit is a state of the art solution achieved from COBO's vision of agriculture digitalization; it's the project of a simple but powerful system that transforms any silent tractor implement into an isobus compliant device.
With Easy-Fit all equipment work data and maintenance management are always under control.